I am always busy making commissions, whether for weddings, engagements, anniversaries, or otherwise for special and personal gifts. I am proud to work to the highest standards, and to provide my customers with a thoroughly enjoyable experience from the first sketched idea, to it's completion and presentation.

As with all of my jewellery, every commission is unique, with it's own character due to the traditional hand working techniques that I apply.

After an initial discussion I will provide you with several sketches free of charge for you to choose your preferred design. A collection date is agreed, usually four to six weeks ahead, though I will work to a shorter timescale wherever this is possible. A 50% deposit is then paid. 

Prior to the setting of any stones I will ask you to call in for a fitting of the jewellery. 

Please browse through the selection of the many commissions that I have undertaken, and also see the testimonials page

These are just some of the designs which can be seen on the shop pages of the website, and all are available to order in sterling silver, 9ct and 18ct golds 

Stephen Roper

Here is the special ring that I have made for Helen, in silver, and 18ct golds, with Tourmalines, Opal, Diamonds and Moonstones. It commemorates the lives of her dear parents, who gave so much love to her, and to the many children whom they fostered, enabling them to grow, each one, into fine adults.

Helen specially chose these gemstones for their significance:

Tourmaline - To represent her parents love and support

Opal - October birthstone - Helen's dad's birthday month - to represent his protective and loyalty to his family

Swiss Blue Topaz - which symbolizes honesty and deep emotional attachment - for both her parents

Moonstone - symbolising a nourishing, deeply feminine energy- to represent the healing, calming and protective energies of her Mother

Diamonds - to represent faithfulness and absolute truth - Helen's parents gave them the opportunity to reach their full potential.

I often upcycle my customers unworn jewellery which has sentimental value, into new fresh designs. I made this ring for Heather last week, for her to give to her Daughter. The five Diamonds were in traditional settings. I melted down the original gold ring to form a round polished band. The Diamonds are set in simple bezel cases, which gives the ring a contemporary style

Here are Carole and Gerry's Wedding rings, with Carole's Engagement ring with Sapphires and Diamond

  I have made Engagement and Wedding rings for my dear customers, Gerry and Carole, who are getting married in a fortnight. Here are their Wedding rings, in 9ct yelow and rose golds. The thread circling each symbolises infinity, and the rings each have a curved edge which fit together  

And here, again, now with studio photographs, is the Engagement ring that David has just given to his love, Jude, following his proposal to her, when they were in Rome on holiday. It's a seed pod ring in 9ct yellow and white golds, with a 3,5mm Diamond

  For Cathy, I have made an unusual Wedding ring, It's a silver Moon Shadow seed pod design with Blue Moonstone, Aquamarine and Green Tourmaline. Cathy runs a fab vintage clothing shop in Harrogate: Catherine Smith Vintage Fashion  

Tonight, here are three special organic rings I've made in the last few weeks for couples affirming their love, becoming engaged, and getting married. First is a narrow Wild Wood commitment ring for Suzanne, in 9ct white gold, with a 3mm London Blue Topaz, and a 2.5mm Emerald

  Here’s the Wild Wood ring that I completed today for Jude, who loves it. I upcycled her jewellery to make a 9ct gold ring with Silver decoration and settings for the Sapphire and Diamonds. Jude has just been proposed to, while on holiday with her partner last week in Rome, so I’m making an Engagement ring ? pronto!!  
  And here are the Wild Wood Wedding rings that I made for Liz and Phil, whom I hugely admire for living in bliss on a houseboat in the centre of Leeds. Liz’s ring has 9ct rose gold raised edges upon a silver ring, and Phil’s has yellow gold. Both with brilliant 3.5mm and 2.5m offset Diamonds  

Here's the wide organic cuff. And it is dramatic! With numerous Opals, all from Australia, where Vania lived several years ago.

  Here's the wide organic cuff. And it is dramatic! With numerous Opals, all from Australia, where Vania lived several years ago.  

I have also made this special ring for Linda in the last few days. Wild rose Leaves densely entwine all around the ring, interspersed with Rubies and Diamonds that I have upcycled from Linda’s Grandmother’s jewellery. Her Granny’s name was Lily Rose, and Rose is also a middle name in several of her descendants, so this ring is a poetic remembrance of a much loved lady, and of her family

I loved creating such an intricate array of leaves and tendrils, which again is inspired by Art Nouveau /Arts and Crafts Movement jewellery. Each leaf, though like that of a Wild Rose, has been smoothed to make the ring comfortable to wear. I was also really inspired by the intricate naturalistic carvings of leaves (Oak) that you can see decorating the stairway of Leeds Central library. These are an example of Nineteenth Century Gothic Revival design. The following post shows a detail from the stairway and also my silver leaf vine before I attached it to the ring

 And here are the completed rings. I upcycled the absolutely gorgeous old cushion shaped Diamond, that had been set in Rachel’s Father’s ring, into an Entwining leaves ring, which was also made from Rachel’s inherited gold jewellery.I made a second, complimentary Entwining leaves ring with an extra fine Opal and Pearl.The rings are yellow and rose golds. I was able to create a rose gold alloy by melting Rachel’s 22ct jewellery with copperThe rings are very special for Rachel, imbued as they are with memories of her loving parents.

  Here’s the organic ring that I’ve made for Jane, who had a Turquoise stone she is fond of, and which I have set upon a 12mm wide Bark ring with brightly polished seed clusters either side  

And also, I made this finely hammered gold band, by upcycling the gold in Alison's Engagement and Wedding rings. I have put the several Rubies and Diamonds, from the rings, aside to make another organic ring for Alison, later this year. This band has a nice weight, is 6mm wide by 2.5mm deep, and is very tactile

  I made this organic ring for Eileen, my lovely customer in Scotland, who discovered my work on Instagram. I upcycled her Engagement and Wedding rings to make a new, special and meaningful ring for her  
  Also here is a simple, medieval style, oval hammered torque bracelet, measuring from 8mm x 3mm to 4mm round, with spherical terminals. The bracelet is £130, and is available in small, medium and large sizes. I made this for Andrea, though again, it forms part of a wider collection of torque bracelets that I am working on for the Autumn  

  Here's the Wild Flowers bracelet that I was making yesterday. With 3mm - 4.5mm Amethysts, and 3mm Pink Tourmaline. Delicate tendrils entwine to form the band, evoking the wild flowers of the forest. Available in small, medium and large sizesFor the Autumn, I am designing more similar bracelets, with fewers flowers, with or without gemstones, from £130, and with matching jewellery to form the collection


Here is the Anniversary ring that I have made for Suzanne and Ken, which celebrates Ken's Scottish ancestry. Taking a historic motif, and adapting it for my organic design, I upcycled Suzanne's gold jewellery to make a Fleur De Lis entwine the ring. The emblem, which is a stylised Lily, was a Medieval symbol of the French crown, was also adopted by the Scottish Jacobites, and is included in the crest of Ken's Campbell Clan. The Lapis Lazuli and Diamond represent the blue and white of the Scottish flag, The red Spinel, beyond the Amethyst, is Ken's birthstone.

  Here is an unusual Sapphire Wedding ring that I have made for Louise, who is Artistic Director of locally based, Libellule Theatre. Sapphires, which are upcycled from Louise’s inherited family ring, are flush set in a flowing line, like an ocean wave, upon which her Engagement boat ring sails. Also, here is an image of the Wedding ring by itself, showing the fourth Sapphire that is set on the far side of the boat.I love the Engagement ring which has been made by Barcelona based jeweller Walter Chen: who cast a paper origami boat in silver. You can see the original paper fold lines in the boat.Casting is a fascinating ancient metalworking technique. In a few days I will be posting on Facebook, a sea inspired ring, which I am making by initially carving a wax ring, which will be cast in my customer's upcycled gold...The Wedding ring is brushed silver, 7mm wide. Although this design is unique I can make a similar design with any combination, size and quantity of gemstones. The sky's the limit


  And here is the 21st Anniversary ring that I have made for my lovely customer Rachel. I upcycled her gold Engagement and Wedding rings to make this intricate design of filigree spirals, seed clusters, and weathered holes, scattered with brilliant Diamonds. It's has a gorgeous medieval / Art Nouveau Gustav Klimt feel. I've shown the ring from two angles, to show how the design flows around the band  

Well, that was a busy three weeks since last post. Now I have a treasure trove of interesting commissions to share each night this week. Lots of ideas for unique rings for all occasions, and some lovely bracelets too. So here goes..

I made this Forest ring for Sophie, who is an Art student from the USA, and has just completed a semester at Leeds College of Art. It is a special ring commissioned by her proud parents. The band is a 9ct yellow gold 6mm x 2.5mm oval profile, with flush set Mozambique Garnet, Madeira Citrine, Green Tourmaline Golden Citrine and Peridot. Beautiful Autumnal hues

  Now here is the Seed Pod ring that I've made for Sharon, which, like the Lily of the Valley ring in the last post, has gemstones, a 1.75mm and 1.5mm Diamond, scattered amongst the seeds, to remember her two sons  

 Here is the Lily of the Valley ring that I have made for Louise's special birthday. A miniature woodland scene, which curls all around the ring. I love Art Nouveau jewellery, and I wanted to create the ring in this style, with intricate details in a free-flowing design. So here we are. It was hard to choose a favourite image so I've posted quite a few! I was so pleased that Louise loves the ring. it is full of significance for her. The Lily of the Valley flower is her partner, Shaun's, birth flower. The Diamonds, I have upcycled from Louise's Mother's ring. The Sapphire, Peridot and Amethyst each represent family members. So now, each day, Louise can enjoy a fascinating ring and remember her most loved ones. 

I’ve also loved making this Aster flower pendant for Louise. I made the flower petal by petal, heat texturing each one so that they evoke the natural velvety imperfect form of actual petals. I hand made a linked silver chain and suspended the cushion Aquamarine from beneath the flower, inspired by Art Nouveau jewellery. Louise commissioned me to make the pendant as a special 21st Birthday gift for her Niece, Helen. The Aquamarine was originally set in a birthday ring for Louise’s own beloved Mother, whom Helen also dearly loved. Now the gem is passed on to her in loving memory, while the Sapphire at the heart of the Aster, is her own Birth stone. The Aster is her Birth flower ??

  Here is another close-up image of the filigree spirals ring that I’ve made for Julia  
  So here’s the swirly spirals Ocean Treasure ring, that I loved making for Julia in the last week. Golden filigree flowing all around an organic textured silver ring, with tiny scattered Diamonds and seeds clustered around the central gemstone cluster. I’m mesmerised looking at it, remembering the hours of its creation, from the initial melting down of Julia’s own jewellery, to their upcycling into this finished ring, which she collected today, and I’m so happy that she loves it ? Thank you!  
  And here is the Engagement ring that I made for Paul yesterday. London Blue, Swiss Blue and Sky Blue Topaz flush set in silver pebbles form a wave upon the ring. The gems are 2mm - 4mm diameter. I also make the ring with green, purple and earthy gem tones. The ring is £195  
  Up with the Larks today working through ring orders. And here is a ring I have just completed for Julia, which I love. An 8mm x 6mm Pear shaped Amethyst in a gold setting, surrounded by gold seed clusters, on a hammered oval silver ring, 6mm wide. I upcycled the Gem and gold from Julia’s own jewellery. The ring is a prototype for lots more similar designs. They’re in the pipeline right now  
  Here are Lisette and Sebastian’s Wedding rings: I upcycled Emerald and Diamonds from Lisette’s inherited ring, into a swirling Wild Wood design in silver and gold, with London Blue Topaz. For Sebastian I made a Thread ring in yellow and white golds, which has a delicate fabric imprint on the surface, to create an unusual organic feel to the ring  
  With the mysterious allure of rich grey tone 18ct Platinum type white gold, I made this Magical Engagement ring for Judy. Entwining Ivy curls around a cluster of tiny Emerald, Sapphire and Diamond gemstones. David and Judy love the ring  
  Here is the 22ct gold ring that I have made for Paula, upcycling her own jewellery into a fresh new design. It has a hammered 6mm wide oval profile, with a beautiful 4.3mm Diamond, and four 1.8mm Diamonds. The ring has a special personal significance for Paula.  

  Here are some new nature inspired designs that I’ve made recently. This is a delicate 2.3mm wide, Lichen textured twiggy ring, a white gold Eternity band, flush set with 18 brilliant 1mm Diamonds. I made this for Christopher and his partner, to celebrate the birth of their baby in May.In 9ct gold, the ring is £620. In sterling silver it is £395


  And here is Ian’s 18ct white gold Bark Wedding ring. It’s 6mm wide, and the gold is alloyed with Palladium, a Platinum group metal, which bleaches the gold a beautiful raw grey colour  

  So that Sun’s going to shine today, upon the Wedding of my lovely customers Amy and Ian. Singer and lighting technician apiece at Opera North. Their special day is at the beautiful Octagonal Methodist chapel in Heptonstall, in the Pennines. And I was honoured to make their Wedding rings.Amy’s is a delicate 18ct yellow, rose and white gold Ivy leaves ring, curling around her Engagement ring. Ian’s ring is an 6mm 18ct white gold Bark ring.Leeds Corn Exchange


  Now here is a beautiful story and a special ring. Rory, a multi-talented landscape photographer, and musician from Barnsley, met Elizabeth 5 years ago at Salisbury Cathedral, where Elizabeth, a trained stained glass artist from the Czech Republic, was working as a stained glass conservator. Now, to celebrate the fifth Anniversary of their being together, Rory asked me to make a ring full of the gemstones that Elizabeth loves. Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires, Citrine and Quartz. I did so, flush setting 21 gems around this rose gold Eternity ring. And, this last weekend, during a walk in the countryside, Rory surprised her, giving to her this beautiful ring. I love stained glass as well, and to me this ring is a like a medieval windowRory Garforth Photography


  Here’s the Ivy Leaves necklet that I have made for Julie, in loving memory of her Mother. Earlier this year, I made a special Ivy leaves ring for Julie, by upcycling jewellery that she had inherited from her Mum. Now I have completed the project by upcycling the remainder of the gold for this necklet and earings. I have set an Amethyst, which was the gemstone that her Mother loved most xxxx  
  Here is a Wild Wood ring that I made for Janet last week, by upcycling her Diamond Gold Wedding ring. I added new rose gold for the stone settings, to compliment the yellow gold. And also a new Emerald to represent her Daughter Hayley, and a Ruby for her son, Frankie  
  With Game of Thrones in full swing, here is an oxidised silver sci-fi ring that my lovely customer, Catherine, commissioned me to make for for Katie, her Daughter’s, 21st Birthday. Katie is studying Gaming Animation at University, and this ring is likely to be envied by her friends! A fine Blue Moonstone crowns the shield, with Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and Amethyst gems. Very unusual, and I was pleased with how the deep layered details turned out. It looks quite Art Deco in a way  
  My customer collected this ring early today. Ready in time for her to fly back to Melbourne, Australia. I upcycled Rachel’s Engagement and Wedding rings to make a Wild Wood silver and gold ring with lots of little seeds clustered around a tiny Diamond and a lovely Corn Flower Sapphire  

  "Thank you Stephen. I absolutely love my new ring. It means so much more to have my original rings upcycled in my home town. Your professionalism from start to finish has been outstanding. I can not recommend you highly enough. Many Thanks again. Rachel " Rachel Bardsley, April 2019   

 Working through my orders today. I was asked by my customer to turn her Father’s Signet ring into a delicate ring, that has special meaning, for her Daughter to wear. And here we are. I retained the Signet monogram and melted down the shoulders and ring shank to form a simple hammered oval profile. For her daughter to treasure forever  

And here, sitting upon one of Anne’s gorgeous little artworks, which we also have for sale in the shop, is a simple hammered silver ring with a brilliant 1.2mm flush-set Diamond. It means the world to Lena and Mazzorello, expressing their commitment to one another

  made for Vincenzo and Audrey. 9ct white and rose golds, with a beautiful 3mm G.vs grade Diamond. Vincenzo was so excited that he brought forward his plans a day, to present his Engagement ring to Audrey this evening. She loves it, (and Vincenzo too, very very much)??  

  Here’s a simple and wearable silver Wild Wood ring that I’ve made for Emma this week, with the two Amethysts that she loves. The stones are 4mm and 3mm, the ring upto 8mm wide.I make lots of variations of this design, single or multiple stones, large and small, all the colours of the Rainbow. This ring, with Amethysts is £230


  And now here is the Entwining Oak leaves ring that I have made, in the last week, as a Ruby Anniversary ring for Dawn, upcycling her own gold jewellery. I sourced a beautiful rich red 8mm x 6mm Thai Ruby for the ring  

  Here is a special silver and gold Birthday ring that I have recently made for Catherine.The gems are a 6mm x 4mm London Blue Topaz, a 5mm x 4mm mossy Green Tourmaline, and a 5mm Peridot


 I made this ring today as a Mother’s Day gift for my customer, to give to his wife, from their two Daughters. The gemstones, Opal and Sapphire, are the children’s birth stones.The Opal is a beautiful 3.5mm XX fine gem, and the Sapphire is a Corn Flower 2.5mm gem from Sri Lanka

 Here’s a high res image of the Ocean ring that I made for Mary. It’s a hammered silver oval profile, 4.7mm wide, with a sparkling kaleidoscope of Blue Topaz gems, from 2-3mm diameter.  

  It’s been a busy busy time recently, and here are some of my recent special commissions for customers.Firstly here is a Rose and White gold Entwining Oak leaves Engagement ring, (still a secret) with a 3.25mm square Diamond


Here’s the Ivy leaves ring that I have made for Julie, in loving memory of her Mum. I upcycled gold from her Mother’s rings to create the leaves which curl around the silver band within an oxidised channel

  A very beautiful story of love, sorrow, and renewal.I posted recently about the Engagement ring that I made for Louise and Jack, by upcycling the original Engagement ring that Louise’s Father, Gerry had given to her Mother, Helen, upon their own Engagement. Helen sadly passed away, and Gerry movingly wished for me to adapt her ring for his Daughter’s Engagement. Now Gerry has found love anew with Carole, who also had lost her own husband. A special shared sorrow and love for one another, that has given new meaning to their lives.I was delighted to make their Engagement ring in the last few weeks, as well as for Gerry’s Daughter. A joyful year for both couples.Here is Carole’s Engagement ring. It is in my Wild Wood style with a 3.7mm Diamond, and Corn Flower Sapphires in different blue tones. Yellow and rose golds with an overflowing seed cluster  

  Here is a pendant that I made for Marzena in the last few days, with four Ivy leaves on a branch, and a 3mm Tsavorite. Similar pendants are £130  

  And here is the completed ring, with six more smaller flush set Diamonds.I am making an Ocean ring this week with many different Blue Topaz stones flowing around the band, I'll show you then how I flush set these.More projects tomorrow ?...


 Here's the Midnight landscape ring. It has a quirky, quite Gothic feel. I love the gnarled trees, the flight of the Crow out of the night sky, and the Moonstone full Moon. This was a special, unusual commission, a remembrance ring for Diane to remember her much loved husband.  

  And here is the Wild Wood Ivy leaf ring that I made for Alison, in which I upcycled the Diamond from one of her Mum’s rings, also adding a little gold seed cluster by melting some of the gold ring itself. It was lovely to see Alison’s happiness when she collected the ring today.  
  Here’s the delicate 3mm wide Entwining Laurel leaves Wedding ring (rose gold leaves on a yellow gold band) that I made for Rebecca. I melted down some of her inherited family jewellery  

  Here is the Wild Wood Wedding ring that I have made in January for Louise and Steven, who are getting married on Valentines Day!It is 9ct white yellow and Rose golds, with a 2mm deep red Ruby and a brilliant 2.25mm G.vs grade Diamond.


  Upcycling is something that I do frequently for customers, who bring unworn items to me, to be re-born into a fresh new design which contains all the love and memory that was wrapped up in the original item.And so here with this special 18ct gold ring. It originally was Helen’s Wedding ring. Helen sadly passed away, and her Husband wished me to re-craft the ring into an Engagement ring, to be given to Louise, his daughter by her Fiancé, Jack.Louise loves purple, so I suggested adding this trio of purple Sapphires, whose brilliance matches the starry engravingAnd she said “yes” 🥰😊


  Phew! Just made these stacking silver and gold Pebble rings before the big night. These are specially for Alexandra: a 4mm Peridot, 3mm London Blue Topaz, and a 2mm Emerald in a 9ct gold setting. I make these Pebble rings with different gems, in different sizes from £75 each. What gems would you love ?❤️💎. Have fun 🥳🥳🥳🥳  
  Here are the three silver and gold stacking rings, that I completed today for Rebecca, upcycling her inherited Garnet, Aquamarine and Tsavorite jewellery into new contemporary designs  
  And here is the Art Nouveau silver leaves pendant, that I completed for Matthew and his daughters today, for their Mum. The Opal has such beautiful colours, and was purchased years ago in Australia by Matthew and his wife, who now have a special home for it in this pendant  

Here are the final pre-Christmas commissions that I completed today (Back later this week with a fresh clutch of stacking ring commissions...)Here are two mysterious Moon Shadow seed pod rings with 2mm and 2.5mm Diamonds, the right hand ring with a mix of silver and gold seeds

  I do love this special Wedding ring, that I completed for Sandra on Monday. Echoes of medieval jewellery, and shimmering golden frescoes, of long lost sunken treasure, and also with inspiration a-plenty from Gustav Klimt. Upcycled Diamonds , 18ct gold, with new added 18ct gold, on silver, a 6.5mm earthy red Mozambique Garnet and Madeira Citrine, fine quality bright Emeralds, and an electric Swiss Blue Topaz.I'm looking forward to making lots more unique and artistic rings in 2019


  From little to large! I made a dramatic Wild Wood ring this week for Annamaria, who was visiting from Perth, Australia. A 7mm Swiss Blue Topaz beside a 4mm Peridot. Delicious sweeties. Similar rings are approx £250