Jewellery of sentimental value which has remained unworn can be re-fashioned. By not contributing to the ongoing extraction of gold ore, recycling is good for the planet. It is also a cost effective alternative to commissioning a ring made of new gold.

Follow me step - by - step in my work on a recycled ring commission:

The gold jewellery supplied to me by the customer

Next the jewellery is melted in a crucible. 

 As it begins to cool it is removed, plunged in water to soften (anneal) it, and then cleaned in an acid bath.

Wire, sheet and granules are formed out of the gold ingot. There is more than enough here for the ring commission, and the remainder is to be made into a pendant and earings for the customer in the near future.

The ring is begun. Stone settings are prepared. Ceylon Sapphires have been chosen.

The back and front of the ring are soldered together. The smaller stone settings will be sodered on when the ring has been formed on a triblet

And here is the completed ring