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2. Forget Me Not sprig pendant . Silver, Pink Tormaline, Amethyst (£175)

Wild Wood collection, Forget Me Not pendant with Pink Tourmalines and Amethyst



About Stephen:

My childhood was filled with the sights, sounds and smells of creative businesses in London's Portobello and Camden Lock markets, where my Mother sold her hand made clothing accessories and jewelllery.

I discovered my own love of creating and selling when I worked my way through a History degree. I ran a craft shop at our home in Whitstable, on the Kent coast, which we were at the same time rescuing from dereliction.

Papier mache clocks, stained glass mirrors, glass jewellery which I also sold through Liberty, all found their way to many happy customers

For more than 15 years, after initial tuition from a local goldsmith, I have been making jewellery in silver and gold, developing a distintive free flowing style, exploring natural textures and forms.

I am inspired by nature, as is suggested by the names of my collections, Wild Wood and Moonshadow. I love the beauty of time-worn surfaces, ancient artifacts, and Art Nouveau. I try to evoke an anciect but contemporary feel to my work. 

I create organic textures through the traditional techniques of forging (lots of hammering), reticulation, filigree, engaving and granulation (lots of tiny metal balls). Reticulation is an unpredictable heat process which was developed by Finnish silversmiths working for Faberge in St Petersburg. It was applied to Art Nouveau styled objet like cigar  and spectacle cases, and described as "Samorodok" or "born by itself silver", which also beautifully describes the organic designs that I like to create.

I also undertake commissions, making pieces which are personal to the wearer, and often upcycling the customer's own unworn, but treasured jewellery, into fresh new designs